Instructions for students

You should read the below mentioned instructions carefully before start attempting the quiz

  1. This quiz is a part of your evaluation process. Therefore, you need to comply with all the examination rules and regulations of the university.
  2. There are 30 questions, and you need to answer them within 30 minutes
  3. The questions appear in three (3) pages and you can provide answers by moving forward and backwards though Quiz navigation panel.
  4. Each question has only one correct answer and you need to select the most appropriate answer out of four answers given for each question.
  5. You will not be penalized for wrong answers
  6. Click “Submit all and finish” button once you finish answering all the questions. This will close down your online quiz. (THEREFORE DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON HALFWAY THROUGH THE EXAM AS IT WILL CLOSE DOWN YOUR EXAM)
  7. Soon after clicking the “Submit all and finish” button and confirm that, you will receive your marks. (YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT THE QUIZ AGAIN)
  8. If your quiz time is over and you have not clicked the Submit all and finish” button,  the system will automatically save, close and show your result.
  9. The quiz time countdown will start (showing inside the Quiz navigation panel) once you enter the quiz password (The password will be announced at examination hall just before the exam starts).

Wish you good luck!